Political Disclosure and Accountability

Norton LifeLock participates in the development of public policy that addresses issues affecting our industry, business, products, and customers.  In partnership with business and trade organizations, we work with local, national, and international policymakers to affect policy and legislation.  Advancing our voice in the public policy debate and political process allows Norton LifeLock to better accomplish the mission of protecting our customers’ information-driven world.

Political Contributions

In accordance with Norton LifeLock’s Global Political Contributions Policy, any political contributions must be made in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and disclosed as required by law.  Norton LifeLock does not allow use of corporate contributions in federal elections, and does not use corporate treasury funds for direct independent political expenditures.  In addition, Norton LifeLock established an independent entity, the Norton LifeLock Political Action Committee (SymPAC), through which voluntary individual contributions from Norton LifeLock employees are used to support federal candidates and their campaigns.

Norton LifeLock Political Action Committee

In the United States, Norton LifeLock enables its employees to voluntarily participate in the political process by joining a nonpartisan political action committee called SymPAC.  SymPAC is funded by contributions from eligible Norton LifeLock employees to support federal political candidates who understand and support our key public policy priorities.  SymPac’s political expenditures reflect employee, shareholder, and corporate business  interests, and not those of individual officers or directors.

SymPAC has a formal governance board comprised of Norton LifeLock employees who oversee SymPAC’s operations.  The board is chaired by Norton LifeLock’s Senior Vice President, Legal and Public Affairs, and is composed of employees who represent different business units and corporate functions.  As part of its oversight function, the SymPAC board approves recommendations for political contributions to candidates based on criteria that align with the following core principles:

  • Strong protection for intellectual property, in particular patents and copyrights.
  • Market-driven solutions for security, privacy, identity and storage that enable trust in the Internet and e-commerce.
  • A marketplace free of cumbersome or distorted government regulations in procurement, corporate tax policy and technology design requirements.
  • An open and fair international competitive landscape.
  • Pro-growth business policies that promote science, technology and innovation.

A complete list of candidates that have received SymPAC contributions can be found at the Center for Responsive Politics at www.opensecrets.org.

Trade and Industry Associations

Norton LifeLock also partners with and supports the efforts of various organizations that engage in shaping public policy around cybersecurity, online safety, privacy, intellectual property, and other issues integral to Norton LifeLock’s business. Organizations in which Norton LifeLock takes an active role include:

To learn more about Norton LifeLock’s public policy activities and governance, visit our Government Affairs or Corporate Responsibility sites.